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Calcium Carbonate

Limestone is a resources that has been nurtured by the Earth since prehistoric times.
This stone, in the course of times, has been playing important roles as materials for construction of civilization and for artistic works.
From 2500 B.C. to 1500 B.C., those beauties of the legacy such as pyramids and the Venus de Milo from ancient Greece were created, making maximum use of the grace, workability, durability, uniformity, and other characteristics brought by limestone.
In present times, limestone is applied in various fields for the use in strong linkage with our lives.

Views of our products with a scanning electron microscope(×1500)

Table of Quality Physical Tests  [Products from Tojo Factory]

Calcium Carbonate for Food Additives
Test Item
Product Name
Average Particle Size Residue on 45μm Whiteness Moisture Content Iron Standards for Ingredients of Food Additives
μm % or less % % or less % or less Japanese Standards of Food Additives
MAMACALSO 2.2 0.01 95 0.3 0.01 Conform
TOKYU MAMACALSO 2.2 0.01 96 0.3 0.01 Conform
CHOTOKYU MAMACALSO 2.2 0.01 97 0.3 0.01 Conform


Food grade producing at Tojo Plant is certified as
Food additive Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) and Halal.

1) Standards for Ingredients of Food Additives

Test Item Unit   Method of Test
Assay(CaCO3) 98.0 to 102.0 Japan's specifications
and standards for Food
Appearance   White fine powder,odorless
Acid Insoluble Substances Less than 0.2
Free alkali Passes test
Heavy metal (as Pb) μg/g Less than 20
Alkari metals and magnesium Less than 1.0
Barium (as Ba) Less than 0.030
Arsenic (as As2O3) μg/g Less than 4.0
Loss on drying Less than 2.0
2) Food Sanitation Act (Act No. 233 in 1947; Permission Number for Food Additives Production according to Article 52), No. 190386, Bihoku Health Center
3) Application
Medium, pet food, tooth powder, additive for pickle, noodle, powdered milk, chewing gum, soy sauce, premix powder, boiled fish paste, baked sweets, biscuit, bittern for bean curd, seasoned dried food for sprinkling on rice
4) Use Standards
Calcium carbonate is limited to the purposes of nutrient and the cases where calcium carbonate is essential for production and/or processing of food.
Calcium carbonate is up to 10% of chewing gum (excluding the foods that require an indication of a special purpose). For any other foods, calcium carbonate is up to 1.0% (excluding the foods that require an indication of a special purpose).
Unprocessed Products for Industrial Use (Representative Measurement)
Test Item
Product Name
Average Particle Size Residue on 45μm Whiteness Moisture Content Apparent Specific Gravity DOP Absorption
μm % or less % % or less A:g/ml B:g/ml ml/100g
NITOREX#23P 1.0 0.00 93 0.4 0.50 1.11 24
NITOREX#80 1.0 0.00 94 0.4 0.24 0.78 -
NITOREX#70  1.2 0.00 94 0.4 0.28 0.89 -
NS#2300 1.0 0.00 94 0.4 0.24 0.80 40
NS#1000 1.2 0.00 94 0.3 0.28 0.90 38
NS#400 1.7 0.00 94 0.3 0.38 1.09 35
NS#100 2.1 0.01 93 0.3 0.46 1.19 32
MM#100 2.2 0.01 95 0.2 0.46 1.19 32
SS#30 7.4 5.0 90 0.2 0.83 1.45 27
NN#500 4.4 0.05 92 0.3 0.70 1.39 28
NN#200 14.8 0.2 90 0.2 0.91 1.49 20
RM#1  5.6 1.0 90 0.3 0.76 1.41 -
RM#2 7.4 20.0 90 0.3 0.83 1.45 -

Chemical Treatment Products for Industrial Use
NCC Series For all types of plastic such as PVC
For all types of plastic as well as PVC
(General-purpose surface treatment product/saturated fatty acid treatment product)
Test Item
Product Name
Average Particle Size Apparent Specific Gravity DOP
μm g/ml ml/100g
NITOREX#23PS 1.0 0.60 19
  1. Hydrophobic, no risk of moisture absorption
  2. Extremely good dispersion, hence no fear of aggregation
  3. Less absorption of plasticizer
  4. Less absorption of dyestuff, clear in color
  5. Low melting viscosity
  6. Good fluidity, small repose-angle
  7. Suitable for dry blend
  8. Good thermal stability
  9. High grade types with physical property equivalent to colloidal calcium carbonate
NCC#2310 1.0 0.36 22
NCC#1010 1.2 0.40 21
NCC#410 1.7 0.52 20
NCC#110 2.1 0.61 16
NCC#45 4.4 1.13 15
NCC A 2.2 0.61 17 Besides, lubricating effect is particularly large; effective also for prevention of spattering
Suitable for semi-rigid PVC and flexible PVC
(Various types of organic chemicals and saturated fatty acid treatment)
Test Item
Product Name
Average Particle Size Apparent Specific Gravity DOP Absorption Features
μm g/ml ml/100g
NCC P#2300 1.0 0.33 22
  1. Increased tensile strength, tear resistance
  2. Saving of plasticizer
  3. Good thermal stability
  4. Good glossiness, excelling in processability
  5. Suitable for PVC electric wires
  6. Excellent insulation resistance
NCC P#1000 1.2 0.40 21
NCC P 1.7 0.52 20
S-LITE/NEW LITE Series For FRP low-viscosity filler, oil-based paint, water-based paint, and putty
Test Item
Product Name
Average Particle Size DOP Absorption Treatment Features
μm ml/100g  
S-LITE #1200 2.6 22 No treatment
  1. Extremely low viscosity when used in FRP
  2. Improved thermal resistance and rigidity, mass filling possible
NEW LITE F 2.1 23 Surfactant treatment Excelling in dispersion, prevention of precipitation and aggregation when used in water-based emulsion paints
NEW LITE LL 2.1 21 Organic chemical treatment

Most suitable for oil putty, sealing, caulking
Prevention of caking of paint

TSS Series Titanium coupling agent coated products
Test Item
Product Name
Average Particle Size DOP Absorption Whiteness Features
μm ml/100g %
TSS #100 2.1 29 93
  1. Titanium coupling agent coated products
  2. Lowered melting viscosity
  3. Good thermal stability
  4. Good dispersion, improved processability
  5. Big saving of plasticizer
  6. Improved physical properties
[Measuring Method]
Average Particle Size Powder specific surface area measuring device SS-100 (manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation) was used to measure the specific surface area of 1g of powder. The average particle diameter of the powder was calculated with the following equation.

Average particle diameter = 6/(Specific gravity x Specific surface area) x 10000 [μm]

Residue on 45μm As defined in JIS K5101; 1000g or 2000g of sample was sifted with water on a sifter with openings of 45μm; residue on the sifter
Moisture Content As defined in JIS K5101; Sample was dried at 105 °C for 2 hours to reduce weight.
Apparent Specific Gravity A As defined in JIS K5101 (The status in which powder is placed as softly as possible.)
Apparent Specific Gravity B 5g of sample was collected in a graduated test tube. The test tube was made to fall from the height of 5cm 100 times before the specific gravity was measured.
DOP Absorption As defined in JIS K5101 with necessary modification (DOP was used.)
Whiteness The relative value on a white meter with the whiteness of magnesium oxide (MgO) taken as 100%
In addition to the products listed in this table, we have a wide variety of products. As our products are made of natural minerals, the results of measurement may vary in some extent depending on the origin of mining. Contact us for the products produced at our Suzuka Factory and Fukushima Factory.

Table of Major Characteristics of Our Products

CALPET Series For polyolefins such as PP, PE, and EVA  [Products from Tojo Factory]
CALPET for general purposes in blend with PP or PE product
Product Net (kg) Resin Content : Calcium Carbonate Content Specific Gravity Shape Features
CALPET A 25 20%:80% 1.9 Pellet
  1. For both extruded products and injected products
  2. For inflation, PP band, blow-molding etc.
  3. Contributing to enhancement of strength
CALPET M 25 20%:80% 1.9 Pellet High MFR (80 or higher), easy processing

In addition to CALPET products listed in this table, we can take your orders to produce the blend of your choice in a consignment basis.

CALWALL Series Ideal for decorative wall materials  [Products from Tojo Factory]
Product Net (kg) Size/Mesh Blending Features
CALWALL #2448 30 24pass 48on Special Kansuisa
Special white coating agent
Special binders
Organic chemicals
  1. Especially for decorative wall
  2. Round pellet form
  3. High degree of whiteness
  4. Strong hiding power
  5. Easy dyeing in various color
CALWALL #3070 30 30pass 70on
For soil improvement in paddy field, upland field, and fruit and gardening [Products from Tojo Factory]
Product Net (kg) Blending Features
HODO No. 1
(For paddy field)
20 Calcium carbonate
Microorganism (photosynthetic bacteria, cellulose bacteria, etc.), silicic acid, iron oxide, magnesia, etc.
  1. Growth of soil effective microorganisms, mainly thermophilic cellulose decomposing fungi
  2. In the soil decomposition and decaying of rice and wheat straws and stubble
  3. Quick-decomposition of organic substance
  4. Stable and rich harvesting by activity of roots and prevention of low rice-crop
  5. Prevention of occurrence of hydrogen sulfide and harmful gas, and its decomposition
  6. Soil making good for repeated cultivation
  7. Making of soil aggregate structure
  8. Realizing promotion of the activity of the roots, safe, stable, and rich harvesting
  9. For making fully matured high quality compost

HODO No. 55 contains natural growth factor (growth factor) especially for upland field.

HODO No. 55
(For upland field)
(Hydrophilic fruit surface protecting agent)

Calcium carbonate
Wet-type spreader, etc.
  1. Prevention of fruit surface hazard (Protecting the skin, improving the coloring)
  2. Prevention of physiological disturbance and improvement of fruit quality
  3. Without reduction of bactericidal effect due to simultaneous use of organic fungicide; formation of a uniform film
  4. Preventing dehiscent fruit and taint
  5. Prevention of bitter bit

CALCIUM FEED Series For animal feed additives
[Products from Tojo Factory/Fukushima Factory]
Product Net (kg) Ingredients Features
NIKAL #30 25 Calcium carbonate
  1. Calcium carbonate has high purity, and is in the form of ultrafine powder, so that it may be digested and absorbed quickly.
  2. Tasteless and odorless without any smell
  3. Withstands a long -term storage, never, degenerating
  4. Low price
[Products from Fukushima Factory]
Product Net (kg) Ingredients Features
MINECAL 25 (General nutritive preparation containing minerals and vitamins) Including calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, minerals (Cu, Fe, Zn, I, Co, Mn), yeast, salt
  1. Calcium carbonate, the main active ingredient, has a very high purity, and, is, in the form of ultrafine powder so that it may be digested and absorbed quickly.
  2. Six minerals indispensable for animals are contained.
  3. High quality dry yeast is contained as the feed source of various digestive enzymes.
  4. Nice to animal's taste, without any offensive smell
  5. Withstands a long-term storage, never degenerates
  6. Low price.
P CAL-S 20
RINCAL 20 Including calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, minerals (Cu, Fe, Zn, I, Co, Mn), salt SEAWEED RINCAL includes all of the above and excellent seaweed powder produced in North Europe
  1. Phosphate is increased as supplement for insufficient phosphate.
  2. As the main agents, high-purity dibasic calcium phosphate and high-purity calcium carbonate are blended.
  3. Six types of MINECAL, essential to animals, are adequately blended.
KAISO RINCAL 20 The seaweed powder blended in SEAWEED RINCAL in particular includes abundant minerals, vitamins, amino acids, VGF (unknown growth factor) enzymes, etc. in addition to high-quality beta-carotene.
TOMITSU CALCIUM 20 Calcium carbonate including honey
  1. Excellent aroma and sweetness increase preference and appetite.
  2. Effect of enzyme and increment of organic microbes in the gastrointestinal tract improve digestion and absorption.
  3. When used for silo storage, this product, especially suitable for sweet potato silage etc., advances lactic fermentation and prevents acidification.
TAMAGO NO MOTO 30 Calcium carbonate
  1. The revolution in the poultry industry. The calcium pellets take the place of oyster shells.
  2. The economical effect is twice that of oyster shells. This product is free from degeneration in long-term storage.
  3. Egg shells become hard, fragile eggs may be prevented, and egg production rate will be increased.
  4. Tail packing, feather pecking, and leg weakness are prevented.

Overview of KANSUI, KANSUISEKI, Etc. [Products from Tojo Factory]
Product Net (kg) Size Application
KANSUI #1630 30 16pass 30on Agricultural chemical carrier
(fine grain)
(DL powder agent)
KANSUI #50150 30 50pass 150on
KANSUI #65150 30 65pass 150on
KANSUI #65250 30 65pass 250on
DL-200 30 300pass 10μon
KANSUI #16 30 16pass For general industries
  1. PVC tile
  2. Lysine paint
  3. Traffic paint
  4. Ceiling material
  5. Wall material
  6. Glass
  7. Welding rod
  8. Board
  9. Artificial marble
  10. Others
KANSUI #30 30 30pass
KANSUI #40 30 40pass
KANSUI #50 30 50pass
KANSUI #70 30 70pass
KANSUI #2448 30 24pass 48on
KANSUI #3050 30 30pass 50on
KANSUI #3070 30 30pass 70on
Product Net (kg) Size Application
KANSUISEKI 1RIN 25 30pass 70on
  1. Building materials
  2. Plastering materials
    (wash and finishing)
  3. Precast concrete
  4. Decorative block
  5. Terrazzo
KANSUISEKI 2RIN 25 30pass 50on
KANSUISEKI 3RIN 25 16pass 30on
KANSUISEKI 5RIN 25 10pass 16on
KANSUISEKI 8RIN 25 8pass 16on
KANSUISEKI 1BU 25 5pass 10on
KANSUISEKI 2BU 25 2pass 5on
KANSUISEKI 3BU 25 2pass 4on
BM In bulk   For road, fertilizer, flue gas, feed desulfurization, acid neutralization
TK#50 In bulk 50pass Any color
TK#16 In bulk 16pass Any color

Other products of ours are manufactured after we take your orders.
Just contact us for more details.