Mining, Manufacture, Processing, and Sales of Calcium Carbonate and Natural Zeolite,Nitto Funka Kogyo K.K.,Nitto Funka Trading Co., Ltd.

Company Info

Executive Message

Since the foundation of our company, our main occupation has been mining, manufacturing, processing, and dealing in calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Resources are scarce in Japan. It may not be an exaggeration to say that limestone is the only resource that Japan has. We own the mines of pure-white crystalline limestone, an especially precious type of limestone, on the premises of our factories located in several regions. We are most proud of their excellent quality and the amount of their deposits. They are also our greatest capital.

Our researchers, full of enthusiasm and energy, brought to life "ultrafine powder NS," which could be said to have established a field of industry called "heavy calcium carbonate" as opposed to the field of "light calcium carbonate." Since then, they have also created surface treatment products such as the "NOVELIGHT, NCC" series, the granular product "CALPET" series, the "NITOREX" series in the submicron world as tiny as colloidal calcium carbonate, and many other new types of products. All these have brought us to the top manufacture, and we have been leading our industry as a comprehensive manufacture of calcium carbonate that excels past our competitors in Japan and overseas with our products' quality, our technique, and the quantity of our products.

Our objective is to create new products that materialize our advanced, outstanding ideas. With this goal in mind, we have been continuing our physical research mainly in pulverization and classification in parallel with chemical research mainly in surface treatment and quality improvement. In addition to these, we have been making use of our experiences and technologies cultivated in the field of calcium carbonate to diversify our business, developing more underground resources such as "natural zeolite." Thankfully, our endeavors have been accepted by all parties with high evaluations.

For our productivity, we have Tojo Factory (in Hiroshima Prefecture) in the western part of Japan, Suzuka Factory (in Mie Prefecture) in central Japan, and Fukushima Factory (in Fukushima Prefecture) in the eastern Japan. Our factories are completely ready for the supply capacity of quick and stable delivery to respond to your demands raised from any part of Japan.

With stable quality and stable supply as our motto, we have been making our best efforts to provide you with more excellent products. We are most grateful for your kind patronage.

Corporate Philosophy

  1. We shall, with stable quality and stable supply as our motto, make our best efforts to provide further excellent products.
  2. We shall, advancing the effective development of the underground resources in Japan, contribute to the growth of the local communities and industries.
  3. We shall, with the awareness that our company is a member of our society, aim to realize a more affluent society as a citizen with good common sense.
  4. We are aware that observing the law is one of our basic social responsibilities and we shall follow the law.

Quality Policy

We shall, always observing the law, provide our customers in a stable manner with the products that satisfy them.
In order to realize this pledge, each and every one of our employees shall continue to improve the efficiency of our quality management system and shall aim to create reliable quality.

Environmental Principles

We, Nitto Funka Kogyo K.K. and Nitto Funka Trading Co., Ltd., are aware that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most important objectives commonly imposed on human beings. We shall give full consideration to the preservation of the environment in every aspect of our activities.

Environmental Policy

We, Nitto Funka Kogyo K.K. and Nitto Funka Trading Co., Ltd., shall aim to maintain a harmonious relationship with the global environment in order to reduce the environmental burden that may be caused through all our business activities related to the manufacturing of and dealing in heavy calcium carbonate and natural zeolite, on the basis of the following principles:

  1. We are aware that observing the law in relation to environmental preservation is one of our basic social responsibilities and we shall follow the law.
  2. We shall cope with the improvement of the efficient use of energy and thus promote energy saving.
  3. We shall aim to reduce waste, to facilitate the reuse thereof, and thus to advance the appropriate disposal thereof.

Acquisition of ISO Certification

Outline of "Acquisition of ISO 9001:2015 Certification" by Nitto Funka Kogyo K.K. and Nitto Funka Trading Co., Ltd.

Certification Body Intertek Certification Japan Ltd.
Expiration Date July 31, 2024
Registration Number 08667
Applicable Scope Open cast mining of limestone;
Design, development and manufacture of heavy calcium carbonate and zeolite containing products

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◎ Certificate (in English)