Mining, Manufacture, Processing, and Sales of Calcium Carbonate and Natural Zeolite,Nitto Funka Kogyo K.K.,Nitto Funka Trading Co., Ltd.

Factory & Mine

Factory & Mine Map

Calcium Carbonate Manufacturing Factory

Tojo Factory
Tojo Factory [Hiroshima]
Shimotaki Factory
Shimotaki Factory [Hiroshima]
Fukushima Factory
Fukushima Factory [Fukushima]
Suzuka Factory
Suzuka Factory [Mie]

Calcium Carbonate Mine

Natsumori Mine
Natsumori Mine [Hiroshima]
Daisen Mine
Daisen Mine [Hiroshima]
Kayatai Mine
Kayatai Mine [Hiroshima]
Kiyotsune Mine
Kiyotsune Mine [Hiroshima]
Mantaro Mine
Mantaro Mine [Fukushima]
Nakamori Mine
Nakamori Mine [Fukushima]
Shonai Shiraishi Mine
Shonai Shiraishi Mine [Mie]

Natural Zeolite Mine & Factory

Adachi Factory
Adachi Factory [Fukushima]
Iizaka Mine/Factory
Izaka Mine/Factory [Fukushima]
Shiroishi Mine/Factory
Shiroishi Mine/Factory [Miyagi]